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Drapery Toronto

Choosing window treatments is an important step in establishing your décor. Almost every room in your house will likely have something hanging over the windows, and what look you choose for those windows can set the mood for the entire room. Think about it. Your drapery can either blend with décor or stand out from it, and it also determines the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Department of Interiors provides all the Toronto drapery options you could wish for. At our store, you’ll find drapery fabric that complements any look.

  • Trendy
  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Period
  • Neutral
  • Light blocking
  • Printed
  • Intense colour

And, all of our drapery is made using high quality fabric from the world’s finest textile mills. Take a look at what we mean by quality when you choose drapery fabric at Department of Interiors.

Department of Interiors Toronto

Exploring Texture for Look and Function

Fabric is not just about the look, but also about the feel. Admittedly, you and your guests won’t be rubbing up against the curtains often; however, texture and feel are important aspects when choosing drapery fabric from Toronto. That’s because the feel can tell you a lot about a fabric’s quality. If you’re looking for curtains that block light, obviously you’ll want to touch the fabric to see how heavy it is. If you’re looking for a delicate sheer, you want it to feel fine and soft, not scratchy. All of our drapery fabric utilizes high-quality fibers with expert stitching—quality you can feel.

Drapery Toronto

Choosing window treatments is an important step in establishing your décor.

Colour: A Primary Consideration

Colour is one of the primary concerns when choosing fabric for window treatments. At Department of Interiors, our friendly staff is happy to help you make this important decision. We’ll even visit your space to get an idea of which colours are complementary to your décor. At our store, you’ll find nearly any shade imaginable, from neutrals and pastels to bright, vivid colours. You’ll also be pleased to know that our manufacturers use only the best dyes, meaning your drapery will continue looking beautiful for the long run and won’t end up sun-bleached.

Pattern: Finding a Complementary Balance

Finding the right drapery pattern is a complex dance. You want something that fits with the rest of your décor, but patterns are not like colour alone. It’s typically not as simple as matching the pattern of your curtains and your sofa. Instead, you need to look for similarities or contrasting features that allow a drapery pattern to complement the rest of the room. Some designers have held that you cannot have more than one pattern in a room, but that’s not true. You can have patterned wallpaper and curtains, as long as the colours and shapes balance each other rather than competing. Our interior designers are experienced in finding a balance for the colours and patterns in your room.

Custom Length

At Department of Interiors, we specialize in custom window treatments. Because windows come in many heights and widths, you need to be able to get the fabric you want in the size and shape you need. That’s what makes our drapery different from off-the-rack curtains at a typical department store. We’ll come to your home and measure the windows ourselves, ensuring that each source of sunlight in your home is properly furnished. We also take style into consideration when measuring lengths. Many people prefer the curtain rod to be hung above the window frame, and that means you’ll need a longer fabric than measuring just from the frame.

Considering Lighting

You may want to consider the effect of lighting in a room when choosing a drapery style. A bedroom window that faces the sunrise may need black out lining if you want to sleep in on weekends. Black out lining makes bedrooms dark using any weight of fabrics. Or, perhaps you have a window that doesn’t seem to get a lot of sunlight. In that case, you might want something that allows in the bit of sun you are able to get. The right window treatment is dependent upon the size of the window, its location in the house, and the purpose of the room. We can help you to pick the fabrics that fit your needs, as well as your aesthetic. If you see a beautiful pattern in our store, but it’s not the right material, we can have a new piece custom made to your specifications. You are not limited to what you see at your visit!

Period Looks

Unlike a typical drapery store, we also offer fabulous antiques, and we are certainly aware of our customers’ desire to put together a period look that pays respect to their antique pieces. That’s why at our store, you’ll also find drapery fabric options that fit with your period motif, whether you prefer 18th and 19th century, art deco, or mid-century modern. You are not limited to a particular period or trend! And, if you are having any difficulty deciding whether a particular drapery fabric goes with your period motif, simply ask us. We love interior design, and we’ll be thrilled with the opportunity to help you design a personalized living space. After all, that’s what décor is all about—embodying your personality in your home.

Luxury Service

When you work with the Toronto drapery experts at Department of Interiors, you get a superior experience in dressing your windows. With us, you can always expect:

  • Detailed knowledge from experts with 30 years of experience
  • Luxury fabrics from the world’s finest mills or weavers.
  • Upscale quality in design and function
  • The ability to custom order drapery fabrics
  • Style choices that match any period look or trend
  • Willingness to take the time to find out exactly what you want
  • Help from interior designers who can offer guidance for the tough decisions

Nothing says luxury like options and one-of-a-kind window treatments suited specifically to your home. Visit our store today to see our variety of stunning drapery fabrics yourself! We also offer unique curtain tiebacks to accessorize your windows. You literally will not find these pieces anywhere else—they are exclusive to Department of Interiors, and we can even customize the tiebacks to match your custom drapery.

Department of Interiors Toronto