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Fabric Store Toronto

At Department of Interiors, we strive to provide unique, high end furnishings that fit into your price range. Because of that, we keep vast bolts of fabric on hand in our Toronto fabric store. When you visit Department of Interiors, you can see and touch the fabrics to determine which will be best for your use.

Unlike when you buy a pre-made set of drapes at a department store or pick out a set of furniture at a showroom, our fabric supply allows you to customize each room in your house. You choose the fabric for all window treatments and upholstery projects. Even better, you’re not limited to what we have in stock. We offer our customers a weave-to-order option to ensure you get just what you’re looking for.

Take a look at the two primary types of fabric we offer, upholstery and drapery:

Department of Interiors Toronto

Upholstery Fabrics

Are you an avid antique admirer? If so, then you know that sometimes a furniture piece needs a little TLC before it can be brought back to life in your home. Many times, the frames of antique furniture stand up to the test of time. They were built to last generations. The methods and craftsmanship used in periods past result in strong wood frames that have been joined by hand and expertly finished to resist damage and wear.

That means you can continue to enjoy your antique furniture for years to come. There’s just one problem. Often, the upholstery—being made of less strong material than the wooden frame—does not survive through the generations. When that happens, it just doesn’t make sense to throw out a beautiful and well-designed antique just because the upholstery’s a bit faded, torn, or moldy. Instead, bring life back to the piece by reupholstering.

At Department of Interiors, our fabric options blend beautifully with a period aesthetic. Have a 19th-century sofa? The stunning design is rarely replicated in modern furniture. We’ll help you make it useful again with high-quality European fabrics that do justice to the original piece. When you reupholster, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you know what the original upholstery looked like. You can still achieve the right feel for the period. Or, if you like, you can put a modern spin on the classic frame. After all, the point of the original piece was to be a beautiful and functional accent in your home. Whether you want to retain a period look or update it to a more modern aesthetic, we have the right fabric for you! Enquire about upholstery fabrics with our friendly staff today.

In addition to fabric for your reupholstery projects, we also offer fabric trimmings to add a unique finish to your furniture. We believe that no detail is too small for high-end, luxury fabrics.

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We strive to provide unique, world class furnishings that fit into your price range.

Drapery Fabrics

You can find out more about our drapery fabrics on our drapery page, but here’s the top information you need about selecting drapery fabric:

  • Colour—We offer fabric in any colour imaginable, and if you don’t see it in our store, we’ll order it for you. In addition to simply offering fabric, we offer our years of experience in matching the perfect drapery colour with your décor. Do you want the subtle flexibility of a neutral shade? Or, are the curtains to be the main attraction of the room with a bold, intense hue? We can even find the right colours for the particular period look you’re planning, whether it calls for subtlety or rich shades.
  • Pattern—The right drapery pattern pulls a whole room together. Because we combine our fine fabric selection with expert interior design knowledge, we’ll even visit your home with the bolt of fabric to ensure the pattern you love in the store still wins your heart next to your existing furnishings. Fitting patterned drapery into a room depends upon the rest of the room’s décor. Whether you want to transform the room around the new drapery or find a pattern that fits your existing look, we’ll help!
  • Weight—We welcome you to touch any bolt of fabric you’re interested in purchasing from Department of Interiors for your décor project. You’ll find that every option we offer is made of the finest material with high thread counts. Thread count is the measure of how tightly woven your fabric is. Obviously, certain materials naturally have lower thread counts than others, such as linen, which is made to be a lighter, more delicate fabric. However, even light fabrics should have a sufficient thread count that they will not tear or fray easily. Many drapery manufacturers have moved to less expensive, low thread count materials, but you’ll never find that at Department of Interiors. Our fabric is made to last.

Textile Sources

High class Toronto fabric stores don’t have to be out of your price range. Our direct relationship with textile suppliers means you get luxury at a better price. We don’t need to negotiate with a middleman. And, that means you benefit from the relationships we’ve built in the textile industry. We keep up with the latest fabric trends, and we’re always among the first to acquire the best European fabric offerings for our store and for your custom orders. In fact, we have a weave-to-order program that allows you to design and select custom fabric options for drapery and upholstery.

No Hourly Fees

Our pricing is up-front. When you enter our Toronto fabric store, you’ll see vast supplies of in-stock fabrics that have been ordered special for our inventory. Because we use a direct mill-woven process, the fabric you find at Department of Interiors is unlike anything you find anywhere else. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our relationship with those same textile mills allows us to directly order the material you need for your décor. The best part is, even for custom orders, you avoid hourly fees and pay one agreed upon price. That’s what makes us one of the best fabric stores in Toronto!