Interior Decorators Toronto

Interior Decorator Toronto

If you’re looking for a professional Toronto interior designer, you’ll get that and more at Department of Interiors. We bring the convenience of our vast collection of in stock fabrics and furnishings to your interior decorating experience. That means you don’t have to run around town or spend hours searching the Internet for fabulous items to fulfill your décor desires. Consider all the benefits of hiring us for your home décor project:

  • A design professional comes to your home and accommodates your schedule
  • You can discuss options in person rather than through impersonal email
  • We include you in the entire design process and in every decision
  • You get the widest selection of unique and custom made furnishings
  • We’ll bring the entire bolt of fabric to your home to compare, not just small samples
  • We offer 30 years of experience in the interior decorating industry

Additionally, we have an eye for quality and only offer you the best when it comes to furnishing your home. Let us take a look at your space and offer you our expert suggestions for how to make the most of your sanctuary!

Department of Interiors Toronto

Create a Distinct Look

We understand that when you hire an interior designer, you’re searching for a distinct look. Our professionals know all the right questions to ask to make sure the vision in your head makes its way to your abode. It’s our job to both ask you questions and to fill you in on any information you request. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you like, from rearranging a single room to completely redesigning the interior of your home.

Find a Place for Your Antiques

We don’t only design; we also specialize in finding amazing antiques. If you’re looking for a perfect piece to pull your room together, browse our collection. It spans multiple time periods and styles, and you’re sure to find something to be the centerpiece of your design. Our Toronto interior decorators will even assist you in finding the perfect place for your antique piece.

Interior Design Toronto

We bring the convenience of our vast collection of in stock fabrics and furnishings.

Learn about Complementary Techniques

You may think that design is all about making things match, but that’s not always the case. In fact, when your décor matches too perfectly, it can be—quite frankly—boring. To avoid an overdone look that makes guests yawn, talk to our interior decorators about complementary techniques that help each piece in your décor to be both balanced and striking. This can mean blending different time periods, blending period and modern looks, mixing patterns, and combining intense colours with neutrals. Creating balance and contrast pulls a room together without looking mundane.

Choosing a Style

Speaking of style periods, we can also give you information about the trends from each period, as well as new trends in interior decorating. Our dedicated staff not only has extensive knowledge about antiques and period décor, but we also keep on top of the latest in luxury design trends. Where else will you find an interior decorator who can pull together completely different styles for the rooms in your house while making each room flow naturally into each other?

Using Colour Schemes

The key to building a colour scheme for any room is to start with the one piece you absolutely must have in that space. For instance, if you have a beautiful rug that you would like to feature in the room, draw the colors from the rug out into the room. This doesn’t have to mean the main color of the rug is your room’s main color. But, you can take that prominent rug color and match the throw pillows to it, while using a more subtle color in the piece to choose paint and furniture shades. Not sure how your showcase piece translates into colours for the rest of the room? Don’t worry; we have tons of ideas! Just let us visit your space, and we’ll get started coming up with unique design plans just for you.

Working with Existing Items

Aside from choosing an item to influence your colour scheme, you may also have a particular piece that you must have in a room. It could be an item you love for its aesthetics or a souvenir to remind you of a particular time or person. No matter what that piece is, your room won’t be complete without it. You could even have a set of items that you want to keep when you redecorate—that’s okay. At Department of Interiors, we never pressure you to get rid of anything or to buy new pieces unless that’s what you want. We provide many fine furnishings, antiques, and fabrics, but we’re also just as happy to help you work with your existing items and find a new arrangement that enhances their aesthetics.

A Custom Experience

With us, you don’t only get design, you can also purchase many custom made items directly from our store. We’ll custom order fabrics and drapery and even reupholster your existing furniture. We work with you every step of the way for a completely custom experience. At the same time, we always leave all the final decisions to you. After all, it’s your space. If you disagree with any advice we provide, don’t worry! At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are happy with the décor choices. You’ll be living with them, so choose a style that makes you feel comfortable.


We know that everyone has a spending limit, and yours won’t be exactly like the last person in our door, or the next. You can count on us to inquire about your budget before the project begins and work with options that fit for you and your lifestyle.

Choosing an interior decorator in Toronto is not an easy task. You want to make sure you find someone who you can work with easily and who understands your aesthetic. At Department of Interiors, we always ask what your vision is for the room and never pressure you to purchase or make decisions you’re uncertain about. What we do offer, however, is an outstanding selection of fabrics, furnishings, and accents to make your home uniquely you. Ask about our interior design services today!

Department of Interiors Toronto